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CardiaCom innovation program


As a result of pursuing focused research and development (R&D) activities for several years, Atractor Ltd. now plans to enter the market with a state-of-the-art, novel concept product family. The international potential and business magnitude inherent in the products justify the involvement of investors in view of establishing a corporate group, ensuring the successful introduction of the product on the market, including its widespread distribution and intense evolution.

The basis of the development program is the future vision that, as a result of demographic and social trends, the demand for consumer medical instruments and remote health services as a whole will show a significant growth over the next decade, which will in turn translate into the considerable increase of the committed spending in the developed countries. The strategic objective of Atractor Ltd. is to first understand, and then supply for, the needs of major user groups, to become a leading international medical instrument manufacturing and trans-national network communication system development company.


The objective of the CardiaCom product development project is to implement such ”wearable” technologies that continuously measure and check the physiological status of users under their everyday routine living conditions, and supply sport diagnostic and condition-related (stamina) data in an intelligent way. One of the outstanding achievements of this innovation is that it is capable of providing the required services subject to minor, concentrated resource management matching the expected and/or the necessary popular dimensions.

The program builds along two prominent technological directions: it applies either contact or implant technology.

Characteristics of the two main technological directions of CardiaCom development – Table 1

Developed technology CardiaCom IMPLANT CardiaCom CONTACT
Application technology Implanted in human body (invasive procedure) Placed on human body (non-invasive procedure)
Product definition Implanted, mobile, interactive electro-physiological diagnostic and treatment supervision monitoring system and procedure Contact, mobile sport diagnostic and training support system and procedure
Product information pitchdeck.pdf pitchdeck.pdf
Diagnostic procedure Single or multi-channel ECG (ECG1, ECG3)
Market category ”Wearable technology”
Application areas Security / Medicine / Health care / Wellness / Sport / Fitness


service groups arranged in subscription packages). In the course of product development, it is an important point to enforce the principles of variability (devices and methods to select) and modularity (developments built on each other). The preview of the design images of devices related to the two main technological directions of CardiaCom development are shown in Appendix 1.


The product group offers health care services related to the conditions and physical performance for people subjected to high health risk for any reason whatsoever and/or living under severe physical load, not forgetting individuals affected by cardiac or vascular diseases. In the final analysis, it satisfies the fundamental need of people aiming at safe and secure living.


At international trading forums, pulse (heart rate) meters, different trendy activity tracker wristbands, smart watches, gadgets and applications linked to smart phones exploiting wearable technologies can be purchased by selecting from an enormous variety of articles. However, some of these products prove to be a disappointment due to their poor performance or impractical features of use, or, given the low importance of the service provided, in time the owners tend to file these items ‘for drawer use’ (on-line auction). In contrast, the MiHeartlab product family proudly presenting a brand new category offers precisely targeted services of key, even breakthrough importance for huge market segments at professional level by spreading new generation technologies among a wide range of clients. The gist of the above mentioned development idea can be described by the ambitious ”wise technology” label.

We have thoroughly studied, and still continuously follow up, the activities and offers of our potential competitors. Building on the outcome of a detailed, in-depth analysis, we may venture the statement that the MiHeartlab product family is without doubt an innovation capable of satisfying a basic consumer need. Its uniqueness can be best appreciated by considering the factors listed below:

  • It is a mobile, personalised ECG device providing useful, true value services for sizeable market segments;
  • with definitive technological competitive advantage in terms of diagnostic capabilities and services;
  • boasting of a key technological benefit regarding implant features: an in-house developed, intelligent energy management system technology ensuring wireless charging;
  • offering custom-made services in a unique combination in the cross section of several application areas,
  • in a system established with the use of a technique able to ensure the provision of services for a large number of users observing the day-to-day living conditions of the latter;
  • generating several orders of magnitude more valuable diagnostic data than the implementations accomplished by competitors by virtue of use which, apart from users, may prove to be handy for the health care business and the pharmaceutical industry as well (big data);
  • with widespread application supported by the marketable manufacturing and planned consumer prices of user-oriented devices;
  • knowing that the application of the technology recognises no regional or geographical limits.