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Power supply systems

In addition to its own, in-house R&D projects, Atractor Ltd. also offers complex services for its partners from the broad palette of information technology and covering a wide range of the field of electronics.

Our Energy Supply Team is involved in finding solutions to issues related to the power supply of the electronic devices and systems to be developed, including, e.g., medical and health care instruments and equipment. The goal of the ES Team is to produce solutions to overcome the difficulties inherent in the energy supply or conversion problems of linear or switched operation devices energized by network adapters, energy storing sources or some computer USB port. As a special area of application, the ES Team considers devices qualifying as implants into the human body and develops low consumption, high conversion efficiency, high reliability power supply solutions for these items, in view of ensuring the long-term, uninterrupted operation of intelligent implants and probes with the constraint introduced by the smallest possible geometrical dimensions. The R&D scope of this workgroup also includes the implementation of wireless, controlled process energy supply forms, including but not limited to the following: supplying power for charging the batteries of intelligent probes implanted into human bodies; or supplying power to probes without internal energy source from the exterior of the body via wireless energy transfer.

Power Supply and Energy Supply Systems

  • Research & development of on-board satellite power supply systems, creation of suitable custom-made circuits.

  • Research & development of high reliability Earth-based power supply systems, creation of suitable custom-made circuits.

  • Research & development of solar energy cell power supply systems and devices, creation of suitable custom-made circuits.

  • Research & development of battery-operated energy storage systems and devices, creation of suitable custom-made circuits.

  • Research & development of hybrid energy storage systems and devices, creation of suitable custom-made circuits.

  • Research & development of low and medium performance, plus high voltage power supply industrial applications, creation of suitable custom-made circuits.

  • Research & development of the energy supply systems and tools of implanted, invasive or non-invasive medical appliances, creation of suitable custom-made circuits.

Intelligent Wireless Current Supply Systems

Today therapies tend to use an ever-growing range of active, implanted healing devices selected from a wide range of applications. Apart from the most frequently encountered pacemaker units, cardiac defibrillators, drug/medicine dispensers, neural stimulators, retina implants, hearing aids, incontinence control tools, bone growth stimulators and other equipment all help to prolong the lifespan of patients and improve their living conditions. Expecting yet other rapid development leaps in the field of electronics and health sciences, the number of these implanted devices will presumably experience spectacular growth in the future. Given that the placement of these active devices is rather expensive and carries some risk, and because their uninterrupted functioning in certain applications is literally of vital importance, the electrical energy necessary for their operation must also be supplied in a reliable manner for a long period.

The components of the ITNergy product group may be systems with cell, battery, capacitive storage mode or hybrid feed (combining different energy input sources and/or energy storage applications) systems, adapted to the conditions defined by the given practical applications. In order to ensure the efficient energy management of devices with different energy demand, product classes were created. These product classes actually refer to complex system technologies which have been optimized in terms of their structural design and technological layout to meet the requirements set by the equipment/implants to be supplied and driven. The features and services of the product group components are the following:

They guarantee efficient, intelligent, wireless and non-invasive supply and charging options that allow the increase of the degree of intelligence / computing capacity of implants without deteriorating lifetimes. They do this subject to the very convenient boundary condition that the application of this technology does not require any surgical or even just outpatient intervention, the units involved may be charged just as well by patients at home. The energy storage devices (cell, battery, capacitance, hybrid) used are all equipped with high performance protection. These devices provide accurate power supply for the differing energy needs of the systems they drive (physiological monitoring and/or data acquisition systems of intelligent implants). As a feature of key importance, they also provide support for the diagnostics of the energy storage unit used, or even mobile telemetric technical condition monitoring for the system fed. Our product classes so defined cover the entire range of the energy supply spectrum starting from systems requiring ca. 2 mAh/day or less (to give an example, this corresponds to a mobile blood pressure monitoring system implant) up to systems with daily consumption around 1,500 mAh or above (the use of mobile artificial heart systems being a salient example).