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Atractor Ltd has been involved in the research and development of medical instruments for 6 years. Its activities over the past period typically followed the three professional directions listed hereunder:


Cardiovascular technologies

The continuous condition monitoring of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases is of prime importance for all – the individuals concerned, their families and relatives, and health insurance systems. In this specific area, Atractor Ltd. implemented or participated in the following successful programs: 

Mobile invasive blood pressure control system and procedure (Prototype): Prototype of a medical instrument technology capable of controlling the blood pressure of patients and regulating the associated blood pressure disorder medication using a mobile invasive approach.

Mobile heart transplantation monitoring system (Prototype): Prototype of a medical instrument technology capable of tracking cardiac functions of transplanted hearts in the long run (during several years or even for life) based on processing and storing the diagnostic data recorded and collected by the Transplant Probe, plus monitoring and signalling potentially evolving adverse effects - e.g., rejection processes.

Intelligent re-synchronisation monitoring system (Prototype): Prototype of a medical instrument technology capable of monitoring cardiac re-synchronicity by virtue of measurement technology and IT solutionswhile ensuring the broadest freedom of movement for patients under their everyday living conditions.

Intelligent mobile artificial heart system and procedure (Research): The envisaged medical instrumentation technology will be capable of supporting the mechanical working effort of the heart still beating and suitable for rehabilitation but functioning only partially, while ensuring the broadest freedom of movement for patients under their everyday living conditions subject to ensuring mobile remote monitoring.


Sport conditioning technologies

Current wearable technologies are appreciated as fashionable, trendy devices. Our objective is to develop and implement a technology group comprising wearable devices also offering various sport diagnostic services in the capacity of validated medical instrument. 

Intelligent rehabilitation and sport conditioning technology (Prototype): Prototype of a medical instrument technology capable of offering sport diagnostic and rehabilitation support for users (returning from disease, under elderly care, athletes and sportsmen/women) from their early age all the way through the end of their career or the termination of their rehabilitation in concluding optimum training processes, analysing training and rehabilitation results at high level, and setting up optimised, custom-made conditioning models.


Pulmonological technologies

Pulmonology is the science of the different diseases of the lungs and the entire respiratory system, including the diagnostics and treatment of breathing disorders (e.g. breathing pause disorder during sleep, the so-called sleep apnea phenomenon). This R&D program is mainly targeted at apnea diagnostics and the implementation of its implant-based therapies. 

Sleeping and respiratory disorder diagnostics data collector (Prototype): Prototype of a medical instrument technology capable of gathering diagnostic data related to sleeping and breathing disorders over a prolonged period of time applying mobile and invasive methods.

Intelligent apnea pacemaker system and procedure (Research): A medical therapeutic purpose pacemaker technology capable of mitigating the symptoms experienced by patients suffering from sleep apnea by using a device implantable into the human body, thereby providing therapy treatment.


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The CardiaCom technology is a brand new concept – in fact novel to the point that it has no true competitor on the international markets. This drive necessitated the development of a completely new market strategy. Aided by a group of specialised marketing and business experts picked from the telecommunications and medical instrumentation area, thus possessing comprehensive and in-depth market knowledge, a new market entry approach was set up. The truly striking Blue Ocean strategy based on CardiaCom technologies was singled out as market penetration tool. Regarding demand for use, tremendous and enthusiastic interest is forecast and expected from the concerned areas of the medical profession, or people active in professional individual or team sports. Last but not least, a revolutionary change can be forecast in the domain of pharmaceutical tests.